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There is plenty of competition in the Colorado firearms training business, yet almost all are civilians, and most do not include actual shooting. We have by far the most in depth shooting course, and our police experience puts us head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to the legal portion of the course.

We have been teaching Colorado gun safety classes and firearms training courses since 2002.

Yes. We have by far the most in depth shooting curriculum. We generally run two relays of shooters; one relay is reloading mags while the other is shooting. If two people were sharing a gun, everyone would have to wait for them to reload their mags, which would slow down the entire group. Additionally, there are safety concerns of handing a loaded weapon back and forth between shooters.
We have five 9mms, one .45, and three .38 cal revolvers for rent. Each comes with a holster. Renters need to wear a belt and bring 50 rounds of cheap ammo for the gun. Rentals are $20 each. The fee covers our cleaning time, gun depreciation, and occasionally replacing parts.

We have two private range facilities, one in Bennett and one in Elizabeth. We conduct our active shooter response classes in Denver and Aurora, and our self-defense course in Littleton and Parker.

Roughly 50/50%. While the round count is roughly 50 rounds per shooter, those rounds are shot within marksmanship drills, reload drills, malfunction drills, immediate threat response and close quarters contact drills. Anyone can blast off hundreds of rounds, but to what purpose without a training plan? Quality training, not quantity.
All of our shooting courses meet requirements to apply for a CO concealed weapons permit.
Because we are full time police officers, and with family commitments, we prefer to keep the phone calls to a minimum and handle business by e-mail. If it is a question that cannot be handled adequately by e-mail, send us a phone number and we will call you.
Posted on the CCW/basic handgun class page.

Yes, $75 per hour per person, a minimum of two hours. We can go to your residence or our range to give any lecture, or shoot at our range at a later date for live fire training. (At our range there is no additional range fees.)

Take the certificate we issue you to the county in which you reside. There is a $150 fee, they have 90 days to issue the permit, but lately they have been running around two months. Some counties requires you to make an appointment first. Many of the local governments are listed under our links tab.
Absolutely, we have total beginners in every course. Our course is low stress; we take it slow and have fun.
We have had countless comments from experienced shooters stating how much they learned. Generally we hear “I didn’t know how much I didn’t know.”

Unfortunately we have found that the vast majority of those who believe they are advanced, (including many former military and hunters), are not, which holds up the advanced level classes and is unfair to all involved. If you have had extensive formal training, send us an e-mail with your training experience and we can approve you.

While most Dr.’s say an outdoor shooting range is ok for the fetus up to around 5-6 months, for liability purposes we do not allow pregnant women to shoot past 3 months. That said, the state does not require actual shooting to complete the course to apply for a permit. Therefore, if you complete the lecture we will issue the certificate.
We have had beginners who are very nervous, who would like to bring a loved one with them for support, and we understand that. Yet that person is attending our course for free, which is unfair to our paying students. So everyone who attends must pay.
When you register for a course, you will receive class and payment info. Unfortunately we have been burned by students over the years and therefore require full payment prior to the course. We will refund cancellations up to 3 days out, after that a credit. See our payment page.
Celtic Knot Design 3

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Celtic Knot Design 3