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Our self-defense seminars include escapes, both from standing and ground, along with realistic striking techniques. We also include handgun retention and disarms, along with defense against an edged weapon, and using your folding knife as a last resort defensive weapon.  Our self-defense seminars are geared towards the armed citizen.

Martial arts training is excellent training if you are willing to invest the time. Unfortunately, many people are too busy with family and career, or against the idea of training at a dojo for a variety of reasons. Our instructors have very impressive backgrounds in martial arts and instruction, and focus of reality based training. Unless someone has training for thousands of hours on finesse techniques, they will be unable to perform them under stress. Our striking is based on gross motor skills: knees, elbows, palms, and simple kicks. We also include techniques to avoid being taken to the ground, and techniques for escaping and returning to your feet if you somehow end up on the ground. We teach people how to escape arm and body grabs. We often teach private groups exclusively for women. We can also include weapon retention techniques for armed citizens, and disarming techniques for if you are facing an armed attacker with your bare hands. We also have classes geared towards using your folding knife as a last resort defensive weapon.

Words of Wisdom

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training” -Archilochus, Greek Soldier 650 BC

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Our edged weapon seminar includes defense against an edged weapon, and using your folding knife as a last resort defense weapon. Note: THIS IS A PHYSICALLY DEMANDING COURSE. 

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Gun - Jitsu

This class is tailored towards the armed citizen. Predatory awareness, use of force legal issues, maintaining your personal space, avoiding being taken to the ground, and recovery if you end up there. Drawing and using your handgun during an attack from both standing and ground. Close quarters shooting and contact wounds. Retaining your weapon to avoid being disarmed, and strategies to disarm an attacker as a last resort. Note: THIS IS A PHYSICALLY DEMANDING COURSE. There is NO live fire in this class, although there are training scenarios in which you will be forced to defend yourself.

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Self-defense course are $100.

Any course you want to take again is half price for life.

We offer an annual pass, good for unlimited classes for one year from date of purchase for $1,000, which is an incredible value.

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You can pay for your Colorado firearms class from Ragnar Tactical through any of the following methods:
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Self-Defense Courses

Our Other Classes


Our basic handgun skills course is perfect for both semi-auto pistols and revolvers. We offer the most in-depth program available.


Our advanced pistol and steel shooting classes cover everything in basic handgun, as well as a number of advanced techniques.


Our Urban Rifle class is for semi-auto carbines, and our Precision Rifle class is for long range shooting. Learn to shoot up to 500 yards.


Prepare yourself for an active shooter. We have classes for both armed, and unarmed citizens. Learn to protect yourself and others.