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Celtic Knot Design 3
We get unsolicited e-mails from students after every class, with kind words about their experiences. Here’s a sampling of what our students think:

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my utmost gratitude for being able to attend your class this past Saturday, you are an amazing teacher who is well versed in safety, legality and a very skilled shooter. In addition, I can not help but mention how approachable you are, that means a lot, especially to the new shooters who were in the class. In such an environment, making everyone feel comfortable may be one of the most important things, you went above and beyond on that note. I cannot thank you enough for how much you taught me this past weekend and I feel a lot more confident and comfortable now because of your guidance. I THOROUGHLY look forward to continuing my training with you in your various classes, as does my friend Peter, who also attended class this past Saturday.

Again, I cannot say thank you enough, you are an excellent teacher and we are blessed to have someone like you who cares about such issues and is willing to train the community. I have been raving about you since I left the class and I continue to recommend you to all my friends who are interested. See you on the range.” – Chris C.

“Thank you – class was awesome. As an attorney, it was extremely helpful to have the class taught by someone with a lot of real world experience (why I picked you guys). I know the law, but it is good to have someone with a lot of actual experience explain some “grey areas” when you know they have been there. Would highly recommend class to others.” – Jason Y

“I want to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to attend the class today. You are a fantastic instructor and presented the essential information at the perfect level of detail. Additionally, I appreciated your ability to run the class safely, provide practical examples and take us through the drills at an easy to follow tempo. It really was the best weapons training I’ve ever received – much better than an instructional day put on for my Army team by HRT. I’ll be spreading the word to those who would enjoy your training as well.” – Gerald S.

“Thank you for an excellent class on Sunday. You and Dave were approachable and friendly while still being able to make everyone understand that you are dead serious about firearms safety. The stories of your personal experiences definitely helped cement the principles for me and my husband. As both an absolute newbie first-timer shooter and a woman, I have to say that I couldn’t have been more comfortable and at ease, and that is thanks to the way you and Dave approach the subject. I never felt nervous, stupid, or self-conscious, even when trying my hand at the steel targets. I have already recommended the class to all of my friends, and intend to post this same review on your site. Thank you not only for the class, but also for your and Dave’s service to our city. Stay safe and be careful. And don’t be surprised if you see me and my husband back in another class some day soon. Thanks again!” – Margorie & Dean W.
“Excellent course for beginners like me. Great safety reinforcement. And real life examples were great to catch interest and understanding. I will share about course with others.” – Kathy K.
“I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to learn about gun use, self-protection/protecting loved ones, and the laws regarding concealed carry. It is clear that you care deeply about empowering people to protect themselves and about gun safety and confidence with firearms. Thanks for caring enough about professionals in education to provide the class free to us. The class was very informative, and the hands-one practice was indispensible. I hope to take another class with you in the future.” – Sincearly, Emily G.
“Devon and I want to thank you for your very professional, educational, fun and well organized class. We enjoyed it very much and learned so much. Your friendliness, emphasis on safety and close supervision relaxed those like me with no experience in these topics. You were very efficient with the time – I am amazed we covered so much in that time – and finished exactly on time. The website and advance communication had us well prepared for class. The outline will be good reference material. I can’t imagine what good a $49 online course could be; maybe just enough to be dangerous. Devon and I will certainly recommend your program to others.” – Jeff & Devon
I just got home from the ccw class and wanted to send a note thanking you. I found the ccw class well worthwhile. I’ve had the advantage over the years of taking some top tier training and you are absolutely equal to any & superior to some other instructors I’ve had. Your easy going style is a benefit to both experienced and new students, you did an outstanding job of making everyone feel comfortable regardless of their level of proficiency. The lecture sessions were consice, well laid out, easy to follow along and stay tuned in. “Once we hit the range your style of teaching was very conducive to every one performing to their best. You explained each drill in a clear & precise manner, letting us know without a doubt what was expected and how to successfully execute each drill. Your easy going manner and great sense of humor made the time seem much too brief. I greatly look forward to my continued training with you and have emailed Kellie asking to sign me up for the Advanced class.” – Steve Y.
“You all ROCK! Thanks for a great class, a great course, a great day. Not only as promised, but more than! I learned a lot. Took a CCW class in North Carolina, but yours left that one back in the dust. Well thought out, well planned and executed. It’s refreshing to find a website that actually delivers. Also your outline is excellent, icing on the cake. Thanks for a great learning experience.” – Brian N.
Celtic Knot Design 3

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Celtic Knot Design 3

    Celtic Knot Design 3

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    Celtic Knot Design 3
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