Taking Your Shooting Skills to the Next Level

If you’re looking to improve your shooting skills you’ve come to the right place. Advanced firearms classes from Ragnar Tactical will help you take your firearms capabilities to the next level. Our advanced pistol and steel shooting classes are everything we do in basic handgun, along with one handed manipulations, movement, use of cover and concealment, shooting from a vehicle, and much more.

Our advanced pistol class is geared towards intermediate and advanced shooters wanting to push themselves to the next level. Along with shooting from a vehicle, utilizing cover and concealment, shooting on the move, one handed shooting and weapon manipulation, active shooter response drills, engaging multiple targets, and stress drills to make your training as realistic as possible. Our steel shooting seminar includes speed drills on reactive steel targets. The focus on steel targets is on speed, and the student gets an immediate response as to whether they hit or missed. FBI statistics show that roughly 70% of shootings occur in dim light, yet very few train for such a possibility. Our night shooting class focuses on shooting in dim light using flashlight techniques, car headlights, or simply the ambient light around us.

Words of Wisdom

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training” -Archilochus, Greek Soldier 650 BC

Available Classes


This 6-hour class is limited to those that have been through our basic class, or
have been pre-approved by our instructor to register. We require a
semi-auto pistol for this course. This is an intensive day of shooting,
and physically demanding. 250 rounds needed.

A firearms instructor drawing his weapon - Ragnar Tactical

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Our steel shooting seminar is our advanced pistol course, on stationary and reactive steel targets. Steel gives immediate feedback as to hits and misses, and great for practicing speed drills.

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Roughly 70% of shootings in the U.S. occur in dim light. Dim light shooting has its own challenges, and requires training and practice. We cover all the considerations of shooting and weapon manipulation with little or no light. Attending Level 1 pistol is required prior to this class, or pre-approval by our instructors.

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What You Pay

  • Our advanced classes run $200 per person per session.
  • Any course you want to take again is half price for life.
  • We offer an annual pass, good for unlimited classes for one year from date of purchase for $1,000 first year, then $700 per year for additional years, which is an incredible value.

How You Pay

You can pay for your Colorado firearms class from Ragnar Tactical through any of the following methods:
Or you can write a check

Upcoming Courses

Intermediate Pistol level 2

2023: Sep 24, Oct 29

Steel Shooting
level 3

2023: Aug 12, Dec 2

Night Shoot
level 2

2023: April 14 @ 1900

Our Other Classes


Our basic handgun skills course is perfect for both semi-auto pistols and revolvers. We offer the most in- depth program available.


Our Urban Rifle class is for semi-auto carbines, and our Precision Rifle class is for long range shooting. Learn to shoot up to 500 yards.


Prepare yourself for an active shooter. We have classes for both armed, and unarmed citizens. Learn to protect yourself & others.


Our self-defense classes include escapes, both from standing and ground, along with realistic striking techniques.