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What You Need To Know

Our basic handgun skills course is perfect for both semi-auto pistols and revolvers. We offer the most in-depth program available. Our Colorado firearms instructors are police officers who can offer a working knowledge of legal concerns; such as what to do if you’re contacted by the police when you’re armed, or if you use deadly force in self defense. Additionally, our police officers were all full time police academy instructors who have extensive teaching experience.

Beginners Welcome

We have both total beginners and experienced shooters in every course. We take it slowly and patiently with beginners, and make it a positive experience, even the experienced shooters learn a lot. All skills levels are welcome, so don’t hesitate to sign up for a class today.

Buyer Beware

There is lots of competition in our business – but most courses don’t include shooting, or minimal shooting, and are taught by civilians, detention officers, or Deputy Sheriffs who have only worked in detentions, who label themselves “law enforcement.”  We have the most thorough basic handgun/permit course available.

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Celtic Knot Design



Close Quarters Combat

Draw Stroke


Weapon Cleaning


Immediate Threat Response

Weapon Maintenance

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Course Cost

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What You Pay

  • Our basic pistol class is $150 per person per session.
  • If you choose to take the course again it will be half price for life.
  • We offer an annual pass, good for unlimited classes for one year from date of purchase for $500, which is an incredible value.

How You Pay

You can pay for your Colorado firearms class from Ragnar Tactical through any of the following methods:
Or you can write a check
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Upcoming Classes

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Celtic Knot Design

Equipment Requirements

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Handgun, (semi-auto or revolver), preferably 2 magazines or more for semi-autos. Belt holster is required. Rentals: We have semi-autos and revolvers for rent, $20 for the class per gun. Please inquire before booking. Every shooter will need a weapon. 

Minimum of 50 rounds. (Cheap ball ammo is fine, we recommend you stay away from aluminum casings.)
We have “mickey mouse” style hearing protection at the range for you to borrow if you don’t own any. Sunglasses are fine for eye protection, we have clear safety glasses if you forget to bring your sunglasses.
We recommend a baseball cap, (to protect your face from flying casings).
Water and something to eat, as we are in a remote location.
A Sturdy belt and belt holster is required.
Celtic Knot Design

Our Other Classes

Celtic Knot Design


Our advanced pistol and steel shooting classes cover everything in basic handgun, as well as a number of advanced techniques.


Learn to shoot rifles & carbines. Our Precision Rifle class is geared towards our long range shooters, typically out to 400 to 500 yards


Prepare yourself for an active shooter. We have classes for both armed, and unarmed citizens. Learn to protect yourself & others.


Our self-defense classes include escapes, both from standing and ground, along with realistic striking techniques.

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