What You Need To Know

FBI statistics tell us that there is an active shooter every three weeks in the United States. These incidents are over on average within 2 minutes, with an average of 8 deaths. Ragnar Tactical has active shooter response training geared to both armed and unarmed citizens, which focus on best practices, tactical responses, medical aid for penetrating trauma, and ground breaking technology. Our instructors have responded to several active shooter incidents. Their tactics are based on real life failures and successes.

There are two types of active shooters, the mentally disturbed, and the Jihadist. The Jihadist is far more dangerous, as they generally have more training, better equipment, often work in teams, and will shoot it out with responding officers. If the mentally disturbed encounter any resistance whatsoever, they will either run, kill themselves, or give up. Luckily, we have very few Jihadist active shooters in the United States comparatively, but expect that to change over time. It has been proven that active shooters avoid targets in which people will possibly be armed, therefore Americans need to prepare themselves to be the first responders. Make no mistake, we are training to fight pure evil, and we cannot expect Law Enforcement to be everywhere all the time.

Most active shooter incidents are over before law enforcement arrives, so it is important that you train to protect yourself. Training helps prevent panic. Just like fire drills prepare people mentally for what to do in case of a fire, our courses prepare you for what to do in an active shooter situation. Your knowledge will enable you not only to survive, but to lead others to survival as well.

In our active shooter training we focus on stopping the threat as fast as possible, tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) to address gunshot and knife wounds, and escape and evasion tactics.

Words of Wisdom

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training” -Archilochus, Greek Soldier 650 BC

Non-lethal airsoft training in:

Active shooter response tactics

Room clearing, clearing doorways, dominating hallways and exits.

De-escalation training

Interactive scenario based training regarding situational awareness, and how to handle mentally disturbed and irate people.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Specifically penetrating trauma, learning to treat gunshot and knife wounds. We also offer 1st aid/cpr certifications for security groups.

Combatives & pistol skills

Firearms basics, retention and takeaways.

Course Cost

What You Pay

  • Our active shooter classes are $200 per person per session.
  • Any course you want to repeat is a $50 discount for life.
  • We offer an annual pass, good for unlimited classes for one year from date of purchase for $1,500, which is an incredible value. The annual pass is $1,000 to renew.

How You Pay

You can pay for your Colorado firearms class from Ragnar Tactical through any of the following methods:
Or you can write a check

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