What You Need To Know

When you want to master your rifle or carbine skills, look no further than Ragnar Tactical, the leader for firearms training and marksmanship courses in the Denver area. In our urban rifle class, you’ll learn manipulation drills and close-quarters battle shooting (within 100 yards). In our precision rifle class, you’ll explore long-distance shooting out to 400 to 500 yards. Our Denver long-range shooting school instructors allow you to improve your shooting abilities in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Our urban rifle marksmanship courses in Denver focus on carbines as self-defense tools, and many people attend with an AR15 or occasionally an AK variant. Shooting is all within 100 yards, mostly within 20 yards. This class will train you in both handling a weapon and marksmanship, including skills like reloading, clearing malfunctioning, positional shooting, multiple target shooting, transitioning to handguns, shooting on the move, shooting from cover, and more.

The Level 1 Carbine class is for both beginner and intermediate shooters, while the Level 2 class is geared toward intermediate and advanced shooters. The precision rifle class is for long-range shooting. Our precision rifle course is perfect for hunters preparing for the season. Our instructors cover range estimation, positional shooting, gauging wind, shooting with optics, and more. Please note that students must have their rifles zeroed prior to attending our Denver long-range rifle shooting classes.

Beginners Welcome

Ragnar Tactical proudly provides world-class rifle training classes for people of all skill levels. We create a safe, fun, and supportive environment for our beginning students, and even experienced shooters can learn something new with our marksmanship courses and long-range shooting classes in the Denver area!

Available Classes

Level 1: Carbine Basics

What you need to bring for our Denver marksmanship courses: AR15 with sling, but other carbines like AKs and Tavors are also accepted. Side arm with belt holster. Two or more mags for each weapon. At least 200 rifle rounds, and 25 for pistols. Eye and ear protection (“Mickey Mouse” style ear protection is preferred). Closed-toe shoes, (no sandals), long pants, and baseball cap. Please also bring food and water.

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Level II: Carbine Gunfighting

What you need to bring: AR with a sling or other approved carbine like AK or Tavor. Side arm and belt holster. Two mags for each weapon, including 200+ rifle rounds and 25 pistol rounds. Eye and ear protection (“Mickey Mouse” style is recommended). Long pants, closed-toe shoes, and baseball-style cap. Food and water (we are in a rural area).

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In this class, you’ll learn long-range shooting of a precision rifle. We generally shoot from 100 to 400 yards.

Advanced Class Taught by Ragnar Tactical

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Course Cost

What You Pay

  • $200 per person, per session for rifle and carbine classes.
  • All future courses you repeat are a $50 discount for life.
  • With an annual pass, $1,500, you can take unlimited classes for a year from the date of purchase—an amazing deal! It’s only $1,000 to renew the annual pass.

How You Pay

Our Denver area firearms class can be paid for using any of these methods:

We also accept checks!

Upcoming Classes


2024: L1: Jan 6, Mar 23. L2: Feb 4.

Precision Rifle

Level 1: April 6, 2024

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